ATVMX Pros Are Going Huge At Ironman Raceway

Brown, Hetrick, and Rastrelli flying high

Thomas Brown (Yamaha) and Jeffrey Rastrelli (Honda) clear Godzilla as they fight for the last spot on the podium. Brown took the spot behind Chad Wienen and Joel Hetrick.Ken Hill

Recently, a few of the top ATV pros were showing that the quad guys are just as talented (or crazy) as the bike racers. Joel Hetrick, Jeffrey Rastrelli, and Thomas Brown were all clearing the huge uphill triple at the Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville, Indiana, known as “Godzilla.” Nate Kimmy captured several clips to show you the action.

Thomas Brown

Joel Hetrick & Jeffrey Rastrelli

Also, watch HERE as we strap a GoPro on Chad Wienen for a Yamaha YFZ Hot Lap of the infamous track in 2017.